Medicinal substances are liquids that are not miscible with water. In this case, it is necessary to pre-emulsify them using appropriate emulsifiers, followed by sealing the emulsion body.

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Thus, medicinal substances can be in pills in the form of a solution, suspension, emulsion. The pill mass should be considered as a plastic mass consisting of two phases: 2) hydrophilic gelatinous or highly viscous liquid phase. Medicinal substances can be in any of these phases together with excipients.

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The optimal quantitative ratio of these phases, as well as all the properties of the pill mass, are a complex function of the properties of medicinal and auxiliary substances. Therefore, even before preparing the ed pills, it is necessary to think over, and if required, then check the properties and behavior of medicinal and auxiliary substances when combined in the pill mass.

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When prescribing pills, prescriptions usually indicate only the amounts of drugs based on the total number of ed pills prescribed. At the same time, the amounts of excipients are not indicated (recipe 20.1) or indicated in a general formulation: quantum satis - how much is needed (recipe 20.2).

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Recipes indicating the amounts of basic substances per pill are rare (recipe 20.3). The choice of aids (prescriptions 20.1-20.3) is left to the pharmacist, in the case of prescription 20.4 it is agreed by the doctor.

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The amount of excipients should be such that the pills are obtained with a mass of no more than 0.5 g. In the recipe given for the example, this is achieved very easily, since there are only 0.07 g of ed pills medicinal substances per 1 pill (atropine sulfate in the form of trituration 1: 100) , and excipients are usually required no more than 100% of the amount of medicinal substances. If the amount of medicinal substances is significant and it is impossible to get pills within 0.5 g, then the doctor prescribes a double number of pills from this mass and suggests taking two pills at the same time.

twitter-logoMaking pills consists of the following operations: mixing of ingredients; obtaining a pill mass; pill core molding; cutting the rod; pill molding; sprinkling or coating of pills.